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Dynamic Web Application Development using XML and Java (+ CD-ROM)

David Parsons. Dynamic Web Application Development using XML and Java (+ CD-ROM) Авторы:David Parsons.
Издательство:Cengage Learning
Год издания:2008
Цена:1740.9 руб.

Аннотация к книге:
Providing an end-to-end view of how modern web applications are built, "Dynamic Web Applications" takes a cohesive approach to building a software architecture from core components. It tells a development story through a running case study taking you through each phase - analysis, design and implementation - without straying into detail or trying to cover too many alternatives.Using Java server side frameworks and XML-based page generation with device-adaptive mark-up, this is a contemporary and well targeted coverage of important areas of web application development including Ajax, mobile Internet development, XML transformation, adaptive markup, web services and web application frameworks. It shows you how to build functionality into a website using standard patterns and technologies. These will work as a basic framework from which you will be able to explore more challenging developments such as porting applications to mobile devices and including Web 2.0 features. An ideal text...

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